I hope you got Table Manners.

That right b-boys and b-girls…Table Manners. Hopefully most of us are familiar with table manners such as no elbows on the table, wash your hands before you eat, no reaching over other people plates, no talking about religion & politics at the table, and so forth. While chilling in New York I have stumbled upon a new set of table of manners that has been put together by producer team 2Hungrey Brothers featuring Deep and Ben Boogie that might change the way you consume your music. This new compilation is called (If you haven’t picked on the title already) “Table Manners” and is full of great new ways for you to “Act Right” while chewing your hip-hop around others. At the of open this CD of table manners prepare to be greeted by Fresh Daily with Nola Darling as they give you the “Intro Of The Century” with plans to take you deep. Dive! The table is soon set by Vast Aire, L.I.F.E & Mariella with the song “Table Setting”. I must admit that my favorite part of track two is Mariella’s vocal solo as 2Hungry Brothers provide a melodic break down for her voice to ride over. Fantastic. The production on Table Manners is kind of next level with the melody of their chopped samples combined with heavy baselines as shown on track four titled “Sucka Pass” with Reef The Lost Cause. I am with Reef for most of the song, until he starts complaining about nerd rap and rappers using big words. WHAT! It’s 2010 are street MC’s still complaining about that? I was hearing this when I was 16 battling rappers in the street. Ya need to get a life and step ya vocab up…for real. Geez! Fresh Daily really comes off on this project….as always. This is a crew who is no stranger to multi syllable words. Nice Vocabulary fellas. Peace to my fellow DMV rider Substantial or “Dr. Feelgood” keeping you on “Cruize Control” as SkyZoo, John Robinson, and Shabaam Shahdeeq “Keep It Honest”. I love it. Homeboy Sandman (What UP Homie!) has a stupid nice verse on “Swerve”. I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling the rest of the song, but Mr. Sandman capped it off something nice. Where’s The Good Son? I look to the sky as finish saying that. On a side note I do feel Alias is a sleeping giant on this project, because I had never heard of him until this compilation and now I am checking for him. I am excited to see what I can find on him. To wrap this review up my favorite song BY FAR is track three by C-Rayz Wallz titled “See You Thin” I feel C-Rayz is really beasten on this track something awful. All of his food similes and metaphors had me chuckling at the china town bus station as I wrote this. Go team C-Rayz. Over all I give this project 7 out of 10 with that song C-Rayz Wallz bumping up it to a solid 8 out of 10. I like this compilation.

If you wan to book the 2Hungry Brothers or Fresh Daily contact Deep at bigdeep39@gmail.com or visit their myspace page at www.myspace.com/2hungrybros

Written by: Flex Mathews (Dathan L. Harbor)

For reviews please contact me at the at the e-mail or the twitter link below. I am on those sites the most.

flexmathews@gmail.com or http://twitter.com/flexmathews

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