Soooo I am Durkled out if you didn’t know

Peace and love to all the Durkl fam out there, but most of all Lucas for taking a chance on a local battle freestyle rapper who barely has a name in this world called hip hop. I met Lucas sometime ago in DC and to be frank I can’t quite remember where, but that is not important. When I got fired from my JOB in 2009 and announced I was about to go on tour with Kosha Dillz (What up homie!) Lucas said come through the shop and we’ll lace you for sure. I wore the clothes they gave me all over the globe. I was even rocken Durkl clothes in Hawaii and on stage with Matisyahu a couple of times. I feel Durkl truly is about DC first and the world second.  They sponsor so many DC artist with their clothing line that is increases my love for the local scene that much more. So thank you Lucas, Rufus, Hafie and to the rest of the fellas. Keep it moven. I am always in your corner. 100%

On a second note I met a wonderful person by the name of Laura who is a photographer and is new on the metro area scene. She is always looking for gigs to shoot and people to work with. You can reach her at ( Hit her up and see what magic you can make together.

That’s me people.

One love and fruit basket.

__ ______________

(Freestyling at Steves  Bar Room. A great local spot)

(This was back stage with Questlove and Mike Posner at Sundance 2010. It was great)

Kosha Dillz and I with Mike Posner at Sundace Film Festival 2010

(A interview with Kapital Magazine on U Street)

(On stage with Kosha Dillz and Matisyahu in Long Beach California at Jewlishous 6.0…..You will love this festival)

(On Stage with the Method at Rock and Roll Hotel on H street N.E)

(Freestyle performance at The Beat Clash and it took place at Bohemian Caverns. This was the first day I got my Durkl gear. I felt like a kid on his first day of school with a new Trapper Keeper. 100%)


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