Now let the Woody touch you

Hello party people,

Flex Mathews here, alive, and well. Its been a while since I have posted something, but I felt this would be interesting. I did a show in Philly a couple of weeks ago with one of MY SUPER GOOD FRIENDS KOSHA DILLZ and a really amazing band SHINOBI NINJA out of New York. There I got to meet another really cool guy by thee name of “WOODY“. I wanted to blog about him because I thought he was cool beans. I sent him some question and he answered them quick fast. I hope ya enjoy


1. How long have you been with Shinobi Ninja and how did you meet them?

I first met the cats of Shinobi Ninja as a music journalist for RockNYC, ( back in August of 2010. After witnessing one of the best live shows I had ever seen, I wanted, rather needed, to share their music with the world. I started booking them shows in NC, where I was currently finishing up school, and as organically as possible that turned into more shows, and finally this 35+ stop Rock Hood Tour.

2. What do you like about them the most?

Working/ living with Shinobi Ninja is awesome, every single member  brings something unique to the table which keep life interesting, entertaining, and most of the time much easier. They are all true musicians, with a passion for spreading music to the people. They are winners, but not in the spooky music industry way, I was learned is more common than fake tits in LA. They are all super cool, which is something you can’t learn or be taught, which is a common misconception.

3. Do people every make sexual Jokes about your name?

I got dubbed “Woody Wood”, which has been inked on several posters, t-shirts, and breasts down the coast.. any “Woody” joke you could ever think of has been presented to me in one way or another. If you think you have an original one, please bring to my attention immediately if not sooner.

4. What is life on the road like for those who don’t know?

Life on the road is just as unpredictable as it repetitive. We go from hotel to venue and rock, to the next hotel to the next venue and rock. Maybe we skip a hotel and hit a venue and rock, and drive throughout the night to a hotel. Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we eat. And now for the unpredictable parts.. a melted axle while driving on the highway, crazy groupies, backstage tattoos, free booze, new friends, day on the beach, trip to the mall to rock an acoustic set, gone thrifting, cooking in hotels, sketchy strangers…

5. Do you make music or has touring with the band made you want to pursue music?

Unfortunately, I haven’t created physical music in years, I do however consider creating an atmosphere where musicians can shine, and giving them a stage to perform on “making music”. In that sense I have been making music for about two-year, with the creation of my 4TheLove Music and Arts Festival. Still, being on tour has inspired me to pick up a guitar and mess around.

6. How long have you been a road manager for the band and is what is your biggest goal as a manager/agent?

I have been road managing for Shinobi Ninja since February, this is my first stint as this. So far, so great. My biggest goal as a tour manager is to put together and lead the best possible tour I possibly can, constantly learn to insure I get better at what I’m doing, assist Shinobi Ninja, (in any form possible) in their trip to global stardom, and meet all of the most awesome people in the world. In regards to myself as an agent, I plan on starting my own talent agency, working with all of the best artists and venues world-wide.

7. What is an inside between you and the band that you can leak out?

Not for nothing, if you want to know anything “inside” about the band, come to a show. If you hit Shinobi Ninja up on facebook or twitter and keep it real, and ask nicely, I bet you can score your name on the guest list. And if you are cool, and real, and try and talk to them before or after show, I bet you can find something “inside” about the band that may interest you. Bottom line: they are real dudes, ( and dudette) keep it chill, and have a civil conversation like a normal human being.

8. Who is your favorite spice girl?

An FYI about myself- Baby Spice is by far my favorite spice girl.

9. White boys can (You finish) and white boy can’t (You finish)

White boys can DANCE, and white boys can’t JUMP ( or maybe its the other way around)

Who’s know Woody, I know white who can do both and several other guys who can’t do either.  So to wrap to this up, go check out the band Shinobi Ninja, and when you are there always remember to take time out to enjoy the Woody.

Peace and Love to you all

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Flex Mathews at the E.O.W MC Chanllenge


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