While in Cali


I am California and I just finished performing at the “Paid Dues Festival” with my homie Kosha Dillz. It was dope and I had a blast. Cali has a lot of love to give the world. So I am taking it upon myself to post three music video from artist that are west coasten and all the jazz. So here goes nothing.

Peace to my boy NoCanDo. He IS the dopest freestyler I have ever met in my life. Check this video out featuring my homie Bus Driver titled “Two Track Mind” I think it’s dope.

Peep this joint from my guys MURS titled “Can It Be [Half A million Dollars and 18 Months later]” with the oh so classic Michael Jackson…a YOUNG Jackson 5 Micheal Jackson at that is. RIP . This song is ultra positive and the beat is potassium filled. I love it.

And last but for sure not least is “DumbFounded”. A great battle rapper who and can also that’s right….make a song. A GOOD SONG! Let me make that clear. Fantastic songs at that. He can also do some fancy jump kicks and what not. This song is called “Different Galaxies” ft: Sam Ock. The video is amazing.

I hope ya enjoyed this post. There is a lot of good music out here. Feel free to search around.

Peace and Love


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