The Introduction to Cd’s In My Rooom and to OSO Slick Who Be On That Skate Board S#!t



Hey Boys an Girls,

    Flex Mathews AKA: The Handsome Grandson here with a new blog…duh! There isn’t much thought behind this blog, just me doing something with all this music in my room. With that being said welcome to “CD’s In My Room”…..wait…..BOOM! Did you hear the cannons? Just wait they are coming. This blog is dedicated to the over 500 cds I have in my room from independent artist that I have met in my travels. I use to hardly ever listen to music, yet I make music, so this blog forces me to listen to music so I can then….start to throw these CD’s away. I have paid for about 90% of them so I figure it is all good. Feel me…Yes-No!? I don’t really care. I need the space in my room. So let get it moving people and thanks for reading. Show is support is ground zero.

Flex Mathews Music:



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