Flex Mathews and The Method level the Rock and Roll Hotel

This was a great show and I just happened to catch some footage of me jamming with a great DMV band called “The Method” and we mos def got bizzy. I hope everyone out there enjoys.

Peace and Love


Kosha Dillz and Flex Mathews upcoming tour dates.

The Heroes for Haiti tour with Flex Mathews and Kosha Dillz runs until March 1.
Feb 5th Abbey Pub w/ DJ Yoda – Chicago, IL
Feb 6th Raging Buffalo Resort w/ Slick Rick – Algonquin, IL
Feb 7th Yacht Club – Iowa Ciy, IA
Feb 8th Vaudevilles Mews – Des Moines, IA
Feb 9th Vaudevilles Mews w/ Trevor hall (early show) – Des Moines, IA
Feb 9th Peoples w/ Skee Lo – Des Moines, IA
Feb 10th Firebird – St Louis, MO
Feb 12th Nutty’s North w/ Mr Dibbs – Sioux Falls , SD
Feb 13th Reptile Palace – Oshkosh, WI
Feb 14th Schubas w/ Trevor hall – Chicago IL
Feb 15th Day Trotter – Rock Island, IL
Feb 19th Jewlicious Festival – Long Beach, CA
Feb 20th Jewlicious Festival – Long Beach, CA
Feb 21st Jewlicious Festival – Long Beach, CA
Feb 25th Pipeline Cafe w/ Matisyahu – Honolulu, HI
Feb 27th Kuhio Lounge w/ Matisyahu – Kapaa, HI
Feb 28th Lahaina Civic Center w/ Matisyahu – Lahaina, HI
Mar 1st Rockstarz w/ Matisyahu – Kailua Kona, HI

I hope you got Table Manners.

That right b-boys and b-girls…Table Manners. Hopefully most of us are familiar with table manners such as no elbows on the table, wash your hands before you eat, no reaching over other people plates, no talking about religion & politics at the table, and so forth. While chilling in New York I have stumbled upon a new set of table of manners that has been put together by producer team 2Hungrey Brothers featuring Deep and Ben Boogie that might change the way you consume your music. This new compilation is called (If you haven’t picked on the title already) “Table Manners” and is full of great new ways for you to “Act Right” while chewing your hip-hop around others. At the of open this CD of table manners prepare to be greeted by Fresh Daily with Nola Darling as they give you the “Intro Of The Century” with plans to take you deep. Dive! The table is soon set by Vast Aire, L.I.F.E & Mariella with the song “Table Setting”. I must admit that my favorite part of track two is Mariella’s vocal solo as 2Hungry Brothers provide a melodic break down for her voice to ride over. Fantastic. The production on Table Manners is kind of next level with the melody of their chopped samples combined with heavy baselines as shown on track four titled “Sucka Pass” with Reef The Lost Cause. I am with Reef for most of the song, until he starts complaining about nerd rap and rappers using big words. WHAT! It’s 2010 are street MC’s still complaining about that? I was hearing this when I was 16 battling rappers in the street. Ya need to get a life and step ya vocab up…for real. Geez! Fresh Daily really comes off on this project….as always. This is a crew who is no stranger to multi syllable words. Nice Vocabulary fellas. Peace to my fellow DMV rider Substantial or “Dr. Feelgood” keeping you on “Cruize Control” as SkyZoo, John Robinson, and Shabaam Shahdeeq “Keep It Honest”. I love it. Homeboy Sandman (What UP Homie!) has a stupid nice verse on “Swerve”. I’ll be honest I wasn’t feeling the rest of the song, but Mr. Sandman capped it off something nice. Where’s The Good Son? I look to the sky as finish saying that. On a side note I do feel Alias is a sleeping giant on this project, because I had never heard of him until this compilation and now I am checking for him. I am excited to see what I can find on him. To wrap this review up my favorite song BY FAR is track three by C-Rayz Wallz titled “See You Thin” I feel C-Rayz is really beasten on this track something awful. All of his food similes and metaphors had me chuckling at the china town bus station as I wrote this. Go team C-Rayz. Over all I give this project 7 out of 10 with that song C-Rayz Wallz bumping up it to a solid 8 out of 10. I like this compilation.

If you wan to book the 2Hungry Brothers or Fresh Daily contact Deep at bigdeep39@gmail.com or visit their myspace page at www.myspace.com/2hungrybros

Written by: Flex Mathews (Dathan L. Harbor)

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What…Michael Buble??? Yup

Soo I titled this blog entry “What…Michael Buble??? Yup” because Micheal’s music is different, but if it’s good then it’s good. If you mixed Elvis, Dean Martin, and sprinkled in some Frank Sinatra on top I feel you would come up with Michael Buble. From his new music video of “Haven’t Met You Yet” to his dazzling live performance of “Save The Last Dance For Me” one thing is for sure. Micheal Buble creates his own lane and maintains that course. To put it plain this Haagan Das Strawberry ice-cream lover can sing among the best of  legends and musical unsung heros. I feel in 2010 you won’t find ANYBODY like Michael and please pull my card if I am wrong people. In a world where music is so pop or watered down with image Mr. Buble keeps his integrity.  Michael is a regular down to earth dude who enjoys coke slurpee , old dutch ketchup chips, tuna helper, and New York hot dog vendors after the bar. If he ate a box of prune he couldn’t be more regular. After appearing with Jennifer Hudson on  her ABC Christmas special, this year he is about to hit the road for a 20 city “Crazy Love” music tour, and you won’t to miss it. Tour dates are listed below anlong with some of my favorite Michael Buble performance clips.

Here is the more complete list of the dates for Michael’s Crazy Love Tour  – presented by Nordstrom (tickets already on sale):
3/10/10 Orlando, FL- Amway Arena
3/12/10 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Bank Atlantic Center
3/13/10 Tampa, FL- St. Pete Times Forum
3/14/10 Atlanta, GA- Gwinnett Civic Center
3/16/10 Philadelphia, PA- Wachovia Center
3/17/10 Pittsburgh, PA- Petersen Events Center
3/19/10 Worcester, MA- DCU Center
3/20/10 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
3/23/10 Cleveland, OH- Wolstein Center
3/24/10 Cincinnati, OH- U.S. Bank Arena
3/25/10 Detroit, MI – Palace of Auburn Hills
3/27/10 Chicago, IL – Allstate Arena
3/28/10 St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
3/30/10 Denver, CO – Pepsi Center
3/31/10 Salt Lake City, UT – The E Center
4/2/10 Portland, OR – Rose Garden
4/3/10 Seattle, WA – Key Arena
4/6/10 Oakland, CA – Oracle Arena
4/8/10 Phoenix, AZ – US Airways Center
4/9/10 Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
For up-to-date information on Buble’s tour dates and other news:
Official “teaser video” for Michael’s Crazy Love Tour:

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Fort Knox Five Got That New Gold For Ya Homie…Yeeeaahhh!!!

Sooo who wants that ” New Gold”? Well you can find that new gold in Fort Knox Five’s new LP “The New Gold Standard 2” and yes a new standard has been set. This compilation is the sequel to their last project “The Gold Standard” and has proven to me to shine just as hard as most 2009 projects. So what I am saying is F.K.F has not lost a step.  I first heard of Fort Knox Five when I (Flex Mathews) was voted one of Urb Magazines Next 100 in 2005. Before I got my write-up in the mag, there they were with a very healthy article being awarded the same honours, and the first words that came out of my mouth were “Who is this?” Now I know. The New Gold Standard 2 has moved F.K.F to the platform of world music and once you listen to this project you will understand why. You will discover funk, salsa, roots rock reggae, hip-hop, smooth instrumentals marinated with saxophones, and all while repping the DMV. That’s right. Fort Knox Five is really big on working with artist from the metro area as you discover this on the song “Homegrown” by the 18th Street Lounge Wednesday night allstar band See-I. If you find yourself in the DC area on Wednesday night it is a must you go past 18th Street Lounge to catch a performance from one of DC’s most original roots band “See-I“. You will not be disappointed. For all those See-I lovers out there they also make a appearance on “How Could You” which is track 7.  Currently I am listening to “Sundown” as I write this blog entry which is track 10. Sundown is by “International Velvet” and features “Mustafa Akbar”. Now I admit I have never heard of either International Velvet or Mustafa Akbar, but they do a great job of creating a song which I can only describe as Sammy John over a well strummed Indian sitar. You gotta love it unless your currently in a relationship and are the cheating party. Then Sundown may not be the song for you. Hmm “relationship”  that is a great way to describe how well all this songs compliment each other allowing this project to flow beautifully. Last but mos def not the least is  “Nappy Riddem” with the song “One World Sovereignty” featuring “Asheru” (A DC legend Asheru is). This song takes time to recognize the political and economical screw ups in our the world. While spilling out rhymes Asheru lets our listeners know “If you scared let me know, but if not then tell pharaoh to let my people go”. I like it and agree with it. Overall my gripes with project are very few. With that being said I would have suggested The New Gold Standard 2 for stocking stuffer. Though after listening to the complete LP I am sure it will be around for the next few Christmas’s to come. You find Fort Knox Five music and everything new that is going on with them at their website http://www.fortknoxrecordings.com/ 


Written by: Flex Mathews

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Fort KnoxFive video below titled “Insight” fearturing Asheru. DOPE!!!!

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Yeah…DJ Jav pronounced DJ Hav

      If your in DC then you might be aware of a DJ torching everything in sight and giving you mixed tapes that are just as hot. This DMV 12 inch warrior goes by the name of DJ Jav pronounced “DJ Hav“. His latest mix tape titled “El Mix O Primero” that is for free download at www.DJjav.com. El Mix Primero is better than whale music for pregnant women…for real. It’s something nice for the whole anatomy. You can find DJ Jav spinning music at the Bohemian Caverns happy hours every Tuesday night and right after that at the Up and Up open mic that is also at Bohemian Caverns. Oh and the Up and Up open mic is super dope as well. Have you ever been to Tyrone Norris’s Cakes and Kisses Party at Asylum in Adams Morgan of Uptown DC? Well DJ Jav was the one knocken your socks off when the MC’s were taking at break. Staying true his Latin roots he spin salsa music on Wednesdays at the Ozio restaurant in Maryland…Silver Spring…I think. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THAT. Just google it on your tumor giving Iphone. Your body will thank you. So if you see DJ Jav spinning anywhere do your feet a favor, get your back off the wall, and dance to the rhythm of night…El Debarge style. That’s for all my 80’s babys.

 Writen by: Dathan L. Harbor (Flex Mathews).


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Catch Matisyahu, Travis McCoy of Gym Glass Heros, Kosha Dillz, and Flex Mathews in Brooklyn, NY at Music Hall Williamsburg. See Kosha Dillz new video “Celluar Phone” below.

So North Carolina has an Addicitive Nature

That is correct and you can him discover him on his new LP titled “Play It By Ear”. The North Carolinian has landed in the nation’s capital, us both finding out that we have a mutual friend in the North Carolina hip-hop group Endless MIC . This project will take you up and down so many avenues that you might actually get lost in the fact that you are listening to a CD and not sitting in a movie theatre. Please listen as Mike (Addictive Nature) plays it by ear on “Go Get It“, the first track on his album that feature his high school principal Spectac (That is not a typo) spitting a hot verse. Mike todl me the story of how he once attempted to battle high school principal Spectac, but the outcome was the champion tale your would expect for North Carolina’s Addictive Nature. I like Mike, but I had to laugh at his tale of defeat. It was funny. This Tar Heel representative lets you know where he is from and proud of it on “Carolina Bound” with Endless MIC star Zano and new comer (At least to me) Haji P. I love the name Haji P. Much props on Zano on this track, he really goes for the gusto and it shows as he delivers a most powerful second verse. Great word play and all. Hey by the way Zano…let me know about those freestyle. Any who Mike exposes the obvious, that there is “Something Wrong” with far from obvious rhymes.  On Something Wrong the second verse is enough to make fan of rap nod their head as well as the last hook of the song. Mike is clever and he should be now that he is 10 LP’s in this hip-hop world (Yup ten). So clever that he made the game of pool into a song FULL of sexual innuendos. This song sooo originally named “Playing Pool” where he referres to the game pools as a mating dance. Haha. In the hook you will hear “She down to play but say no bull you gotta call it” as Mikes reply “Cool solids“. Yes this project is a dope one and I would recommend it to anyone. You can download this LP for FREE at www.addictivenaturemusic.com  and you can also find Addictive Natures music at www.myspace.com/addictiven . So please check Addictive Nature and his video that I have posted below.

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