From A Bird to a surprising Reality Check. It’s all good. Go Listen!

Hey There Good People,   

     I have a been spending a lot of time writing music and not really blogging, so this post will hopefully get me back into the swing of things and shake off the bloggers dust. Now in my room there there is are literally thousands of CDs I have never listened, but I have either purchased or gotten them for free by independent artist in my world travels. Today I am gonna  school you to two artist that you might not know about, but after this maybe it will check out, and end enjoy their work.

     Now lets start with Kevin Sandbloom. Where did I get his CD? I have no idea. Did I even buy it? Once again, I am not sure, but the album “From A Bird” is proving to be very soulful acoustic R&B project. In fact I might even dare to call it Neo-Soul with a splash of smooth jazz as the song “Trouble” is proving to me. I wonder if he has any Stevie Wonder influence. The cymobols rides and jazzy horns confirm my feeling of a smooth jazz vibe. I wonder who he listens to? Great music indeed. I can’t seems seem to ignore the funk influence on “Fresh“. Once you listen you just might agree that Kevin can definitely play this thing called a guitar and seeming to land falsetto notes with eez on what I think is my fave joint the LP “Is It A Crime“. Dude a is dope. Now I wasn’t really feeling “Bounce” at first. but it grew on me. I still think there is a slight cheesiness to the song, but it has grown on me…lil bit. The title track “From A Bird” and “Weird” kind of sound the same, but they are both were songs I enjoyed on the project, so I am cool with that. This album deserves an honest listen. You can find more of his stuff Kevin Sandblooms music at There is some good music on this piece of work. I wonder who the back up singer is. Sing girl! Thanks for the music Kevin. You have my attention homie. I will def have to look up some more of your stuff.

Album: From a Bird by Kevin Sandbloom

sandbloom From a Bird

 PS: He kind of looks like Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi…see look!

Kevin Sandbloom below

Kevin SandBloom

Now Ewan Mc Gregor as Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi Wan Kenobi 2

You tell me. Hahahaha! I love it!

The Reality Check Is Now In Session!

    WOW! The Intro the album Chapter 2 is crazy. It makes me wonder what chapter 1 was all about. I mean this intro is so ill. Crazy! It caught come completely off guard. Reality goes in on airing out family business….deep family business. By the end of the intro I felt like I personally knew everybody that had loved and wronged him. Good job Reality. I am currently listening to Dear Diary 2 Entry Man! What an amazing song. Let me time to quote reality when he said ” Weird is the coolest thing a nigga ever called me”. I love the singer in the beginning. I actually listening to it again, and again. If you like rap albums with LONG VERSES then this might fit you well, if not well that might be a problem for you. The intro that I love on this album is a straight long verse that last for an outstanding 8:48. Longest rap song I have ever listened to…for real. Reality spews his life on this project. If you didn’t know him before you will after this LP. Hell! you might even know his social security number. I kid, but you gone learn about the Brooklyn native who now resides in Washington DC. Now I am listening to Make It Out which features J-Goode over a beat that is driven vocal and light, but super noticeable violin samples. I must applaud for how much he displays his belief in God and his faith, we need more non heathen rappers. End Of The World is such a good song. His realness really drives the album. His life story is a sad one, but a triumphant one. The really powerful songs really stand out and you won’t be disappointed. Bravo Reality. You can download and listen to the project at where Reality was nice enough to post five extra songs that were not on the physical hard copy CD. Thanks for giving me your CD Reality, It was a good listen. Peace


Thank you world for reading my thoughts. 

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The Introduction to Cd’s In My Rooom and to OSO Slick Who Be On That Skate Board S#!t



Hey Boys an Girls,

    Flex Mathews AKA: The Handsome Grandson here with a new blog…duh! There isn’t much thought behind this blog, just me doing something with all this music in my room. With that being said welcome to “CD’s In My Room”…..wait…..BOOM! Did you hear the cannons? Just wait they are coming. This blog is dedicated to the over 500 cds I have in my room from independent artist that I have met in my travels. I use to hardly ever listen to music, yet I make music, so this blog forces me to listen to music so I can then….start to throw these CD’s away. I have paid for about 90% of them so I figure it is all good. Feel me…Yes-No!? I don’t really care. I need the space in my room. So let get it moving people and thanks for reading. Show is support is ground zero.

Flex Mathews Music:


While in Cali


I am California and I just finished performing at the “Paid Dues Festival” with my homie Kosha Dillz. It was dope and I had a blast. Cali has a lot of love to give the world. So I am taking it upon myself to post three music video from artist that are west coasten and all the jazz. So here goes nothing.

Peace to my boy NoCanDo. He IS the dopest freestyler I have ever met in my life. Check this video out featuring my homie Bus Driver titled “Two Track Mind” I think it’s dope.

Peep this joint from my guys MURS titled “Can It Be [Half A million Dollars and 18 Months later]” with the oh so classic Michael Jackson…a YOUNG Jackson 5 Micheal Jackson at that is. RIP . This song is ultra positive and the beat is potassium filled. I love it.

And last but for sure not least is “DumbFounded”. A great battle rapper who and can also that’s right….make a song. A GOOD SONG! Let me make that clear. Fantastic songs at that. He can also do some fancy jump kicks and what not. This song is called “Different Galaxies” ft: Sam Ock. The video is amazing.

I hope ya enjoyed this post. There is a lot of good music out here. Feel free to search around.

Peace and Love

Goodwill INK Presents: Beat Your Feet (A live producer event, Art showing, Sneaker art, and more)

Goodwill INK Presents: Beat Your Feet (A live producer event, Art showing, Sneaker art, and more)

Tuesday June 7, 2011 (THIS IS A CLOTHING DRIVE) …

Live producer sets by (With MPC and other Machines),

The Unknown, Slim Kat, Kount Fif, T-Mos

Art By: Henley

Performance by: Flex Mathews

This will be a clothing drive $8 at the door or $6 dollar if you donate some clothes Doors open at 9pm

This is a clothing drive

<<<<Flex Mathews>>>>>>

May 21 (Private Crab Feast W/ The Justin Trawick Group)

May 25th @ 18th Street Lounge W/ The See-I Band (Every Wednesday)

May 28 @ 930 Club with the Justin Trawick Group, Lower Case Letters, and RPM

May 29 @ U Street Music Hall W/ See-I, Sonny Cheeba, and more

June 1st @ 18th Street Lounge W/ The See-Band (Every Wednesday)

June 8th @ 18th Street Lounge W, The See-Band (Every Wednesday)

June 10th @ Fred Bushwallers W/ Buster Brown and the Get Down

June 11th @ Breakers FX W/ Seez Mics, and Substantial

June 12th @ Chief Ikes W/ Kosha Dillz, Ill Prophet and more

June 13 @ Velvet Lounge with Kosha Dillz, and more

June 14th @ TBA June 15th @

18th Street Lounge W/ The See-I Band (Every Wednesday)

June 17 @ Whitlows W/ Buster Brown and the Get Down

June 22-26 In the Outter Banks, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina with Buster Brown and the Get Down

June 29 @ 18th Street Lounge W/ The See-I Band (Every Wednesday Band) August 7th @ Pyramid Club for the E.O.Win New York

More Dates to post. I hope to see ya around Download his Super EP for Free.

Flex Mathews Super EP Download link listed below

Now let the Woody touch you

Hello party people,

Flex Mathews here, alive, and well. Its been a while since I have posted something, but I felt this would be interesting. I did a show in Philly a couple of weeks ago with one of MY SUPER GOOD FRIENDS KOSHA DILLZ and a really amazing band SHINOBI NINJA out of New York. There I got to meet another really cool guy by thee name of “WOODY“. I wanted to blog about him because I thought he was cool beans. I sent him some question and he answered them quick fast. I hope ya enjoy


1. How long have you been with Shinobi Ninja and how did you meet them?

I first met the cats of Shinobi Ninja as a music journalist for RockNYC, ( back in August of 2010. After witnessing one of the best live shows I had ever seen, I wanted, rather needed, to share their music with the world. I started booking them shows in NC, where I was currently finishing up school, and as organically as possible that turned into more shows, and finally this 35+ stop Rock Hood Tour.

2. What do you like about them the most?

Working/ living with Shinobi Ninja is awesome, every single member  brings something unique to the table which keep life interesting, entertaining, and most of the time much easier. They are all true musicians, with a passion for spreading music to the people. They are winners, but not in the spooky music industry way, I was learned is more common than fake tits in LA. They are all super cool, which is something you can’t learn or be taught, which is a common misconception.

3. Do people every make sexual Jokes about your name?

I got dubbed “Woody Wood”, which has been inked on several posters, t-shirts, and breasts down the coast.. any “Woody” joke you could ever think of has been presented to me in one way or another. If you think you have an original one, please bring to my attention immediately if not sooner.

4. What is life on the road like for those who don’t know?

Life on the road is just as unpredictable as it repetitive. We go from hotel to venue and rock, to the next hotel to the next venue and rock. Maybe we skip a hotel and hit a venue and rock, and drive throughout the night to a hotel. Sometimes we sleep, sometimes we eat. And now for the unpredictable parts.. a melted axle while driving on the highway, crazy groupies, backstage tattoos, free booze, new friends, day on the beach, trip to the mall to rock an acoustic set, gone thrifting, cooking in hotels, sketchy strangers…

5. Do you make music or has touring with the band made you want to pursue music?

Unfortunately, I haven’t created physical music in years, I do however consider creating an atmosphere where musicians can shine, and giving them a stage to perform on “making music”. In that sense I have been making music for about two-year, with the creation of my 4TheLove Music and Arts Festival. Still, being on tour has inspired me to pick up a guitar and mess around.

6. How long have you been a road manager for the band and is what is your biggest goal as a manager/agent?

I have been road managing for Shinobi Ninja since February, this is my first stint as this. So far, so great. My biggest goal as a tour manager is to put together and lead the best possible tour I possibly can, constantly learn to insure I get better at what I’m doing, assist Shinobi Ninja, (in any form possible) in their trip to global stardom, and meet all of the most awesome people in the world. In regards to myself as an agent, I plan on starting my own talent agency, working with all of the best artists and venues world-wide.

7. What is an inside between you and the band that you can leak out?

Not for nothing, if you want to know anything “inside” about the band, come to a show. If you hit Shinobi Ninja up on facebook or twitter and keep it real, and ask nicely, I bet you can score your name on the guest list. And if you are cool, and real, and try and talk to them before or after show, I bet you can find something “inside” about the band that may interest you. Bottom line: they are real dudes, ( and dudette) keep it chill, and have a civil conversation like a normal human being.

8. Who is your favorite spice girl?

An FYI about myself- Baby Spice is by far my favorite spice girl.

9. White boys can (You finish) and white boy can’t (You finish)

White boys can DANCE, and white boys can’t JUMP ( or maybe its the other way around)

Who’s know Woody, I know white who can do both and several other guys who can’t do either.  So to wrap to this up, go check out the band Shinobi Ninja, and when you are there always remember to take time out to enjoy the Woody.

Peace and Love to you all

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Flex Mathews at the E.O.W MC Chanllenge

Soooo I am Durkled out if you didn’t know

Peace and love to all the Durkl fam out there, but most of all Lucas for taking a chance on a local battle freestyle rapper who barely has a name in this world called hip hop. I met Lucas sometime ago in DC and to be frank I can’t quite remember where, but that is not important. When I got fired from my JOB in 2009 and announced I was about to go on tour with Kosha Dillz (What up homie!) Lucas said come through the shop and we’ll lace you for sure. I wore the clothes they gave me all over the globe. I was even rocken Durkl clothes in Hawaii and on stage with Matisyahu a couple of times. I feel Durkl truly is about DC first and the world second.  They sponsor so many DC artist with their clothing line that is increases my love for the local scene that much more. So thank you Lucas, Rufus, Hafie and to the rest of the fellas. Keep it moven. I am always in your corner. 100%

On a second note I met a wonderful person by the name of Laura who is a photographer and is new on the metro area scene. She is always looking for gigs to shoot and people to work with. You can reach her at ( Hit her up and see what magic you can make together.

That’s me people.

One love and fruit basket.

__ ______________

(Freestyling at Steves  Bar Room. A great local spot)

(This was back stage with Questlove and Mike Posner at Sundance 2010. It was great)

Kosha Dillz and I with Mike Posner at Sundace Film Festival 2010

(A interview with Kapital Magazine on U Street)

(On stage with Kosha Dillz and Matisyahu in Long Beach California at Jewlishous 6.0…..You will love this festival)

(On Stage with the Method at Rock and Roll Hotel on H street N.E)

(Freestyle performance at The Beat Clash and it took place at Bohemian Caverns. This was the first day I got my Durkl gear. I felt like a kid on his first day of school with a new Trapper Keeper. 100%)

Hey people…it’s been a while

Yes people…,

   It has been a while, but I have been traveling a great deal, and making music. I am back in DC and chillen with my family” Ill Street Grooves” at WPFW 89.3 fm radio from 10pm to 11pm. Here is one of the many dope freestyles that goes down live on the air with some of DC’s own independent hard hitters. It was filmed by my homie Addictive Nature who reps Chapel Hill, NC (What Endless Mic). Please enjoy and I will be back soon with some new music and updates.

Here is something extra